Testimonials from Clients and Loved ones

My dear Kamal Sharma,
Thank you for your warm feelings on my 60th birthday and for your unique & beautiful gift of my portrait specially painted on marble and embellished with gold. I am truly overwhelmed by your overpowering patronage. This painting will surely hold a prominent place in my home. Without doubt this has been a most memorable occasion for me. Your wishes have contributed in making it unforgettable. I shall always cherish these moments. May all your artistic efforts meet with tremendous success.

With warm regards,
Amitabh Bachchan, Oct 12, 2002

My dear Kamal,
I cannot be grateful enough for being blessed with such loyal and devoted fans like you. Thank you for your warm remembrance and wishes on my birthday and the beautiful portrait on marble that you sent me. I will keep it amongst my treasured memorabilia. My apologies for this delayed acknowledgment. Work and other related commitments prevented me from attending to my personal mail. I am enclosing herewith an autographed photograph as a token of my gratitude.

Amitabh Bachchan, March 29, 2007

Dear Kamal,
Thank you very much for the beautifully golden carved sun picture along with the statue of Lord Ganesh which you so generously presented me with. This has been put up at the Amliya Mahal in Kailashpuri and has been formally listed as a personal donation from yourself.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Arvind Singh Mewar, Nov 07, 2003

This is in appreciation of Mr. Kamal Sharma’s work in Devi Garh who has added life to the interiors with his beautiful paintings and silver work. He has done the silver work in the suites as well as the intricate designs in silver in the restaurant. The golden paintings in the suites are complemented by the leaves in the dome also. The wood work in the bar has been protected from termite and then finished in a fine red bathmat finish. Apart from this, the paintings on the mirror are also commendable.

Anupam Poddar, Director, Devi Garh

Dear Shri Kamal,
I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful paintings you have made for the BERAR OFFICERS MESS, in such a short duration. We look forward to our continued association with you and assure you that these paintings will always occupy the place of pride in our Officers Mess.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Col. Ajay Ohiri, Commanding Officer, Hyderabad Regiment, Oct 30, 2001

I have enjoyed every moment in your gallery. Your work is very touchy, skilled, talented and creative. Wish you all the success.

Ahmed Said Al-Adawi, Sultanat of Oman, July 03, 2009

Beautiful work, so detailed! This will provide us with wonderful memories of Udaipur. Thank you Kamal Ji!

Sneha Patel and Chris Swanson, CA, USA, Jan 06, 2009

I am too impressed to explain the beauty of the creation. I would love to be always in deep touch with the artist. I find no suitable words to wish him success, as any word may be insufficient to his creating abilities..

Asim Kumar Chakraborty, Kolkata, Sept 19, 2007

Your work sublime, your art divine, with peace and love, we’re blessed to find.

Loraine and Anne Coutin, CA, USA, Sept 14, 2007

You work is fantastic! Such detail and variety.

Lynno Ed Miskiel, Miami, FL,Jan 31, 2006

The psychology and theme used in the paintings is exclusive and unparallel. I wish Mr. Kamal a great success and World fame in the days to come. World will benefit.

M.I. Dholakia, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, Sept 19, 2006

Exquisite paintings and wonderful colours. First seen at Devi Garh Palace. I wish Kamal a long and happy future.

Gillian Lewis, England, June 03, 2007

I was enchanted by Kamal’s work at Devi Garh and commissioned two major paintings: about love (couples in Indian mythology) and knowledge (a series of Saraswati) and brought more work at his gallery. I will enjoy his paintings in my house and will make it a bit closer to wonderful India. Thank you!

Elena Fornipopolo, Brussels, Belgium, Sept 27, 2002

What extraordinary creativity and artistry! A great pleasure to visit, to view and to take home some of your beautiful work.

Lawrence and Sheila Brown, NY, USA, Jan 04, 2007

Mr. Sharma is an incredibly talented artist, able to work in a variety of media and styles. The beauty and detail in each painting is exquisite! It was a pleasure to visit his studio and see his work.

Jennifer Beth Joffee, University of Minnesota, April 18, 2001

I saw Mr. Sharma’s work at Devi garh and fell in love with it. Particularly into Honeymoon suite and Krishna suites – brilliant work! Congratulations Mr. Sharma on your lovely work.

Henry Wilson, England, UK, Oct 24, 2007